Carrie L.
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Fidelity National Title’s Phoenix National Commercial Services (NCS) operation is proud to welcome Carrie Peterson as National Commercial Escrow Officer. She brings with her almost 20 years of industry experience handling both local & national transactions throughout the United States. From single sites and multi-site portfolios to entity merger portfolios, refinances, defeasances, and more, she has seen it all.

Carrie prides herself on her attention to detail and careful review of all work to make sure her clients are receiving the top quality that they deserve. As a dedicated team player, she knew being a part of the Fidelity team, with their focus on both client and team success, is where she wanted to be.

I didn’t just wake up to be mediocre, I want to be a positive impact so that clients remember!

Carrie aims to always exceed her clients’ expectations. She believes that something as simple as always being available by phone, or quickly responding to emails, goes a long way to show the client how much you care. Carrie knows they are depending on her to perform and help them get their deal across the finish line.